Bond Mill Elementary School 40 Year Anniversary/Reunion

If you thought Facebook brought your past to life, wait till you meet your old friends from Bond Mill Elementary school in Laurel Maryland at the 40 year anniversary celebration. Thats right, Bond Mill Elementary School is 40 years old!  On June thirteenth come back and see what ever happend to the fourth grade classmate you […]

Bond Mill Elementary School Honor Roll

Yesterday, I attended the Bond Mill Elementary School Honor Roll assembly.  Bond Mill Elementary is located in West Laurel Maryland. If you remember from a previous post,  there are many examples of great academic achievment of students in the Laurel area. The ceremony had several parts to it.  First, Principal Justin Fitzgerald handed out the […]

Surviving Halloween In Laurel MD

For those of us living in Laurel real estate, Halloween was an interesting time last night.    I was visited by so many cute little bears, dragons, princesses, robots, witches, batman, superman, and some things that I have no idea what they were. All the little kids were so adorable as they said, ‘trick or treat?’.  […]

Your Neighborhood Has To Have This!

If you purchase Laurel, Md. real estate or any Maryland real estate, your new neighborhood has to have its own newsletter.  My neighborhood in Laurel Md. has its own newsletter called HOTLINE, The Neigborhood Newsletter Of West Laurel. Hotline has a President’s Message, important dates relevant to the community, and recent home sales in West […]