Did You See That?

How will these tough economic times effect Laurel, Md. real estate? Well did you watch the stock market yesterday?  After dropping over 700 points it went back up almost 500 points. Did you see that? All this gloom and doom about how bad the stock market is doing because of all these businesses going under.  […]

First Time Home Buyer Programs

There are still programs in Laurel, Md. real estate for the first time home buyer.  You may have recalled from earlier post the programs that are available for first time home buyers in Maryland.  Despite this current financial crunch, those programs are still available.  The Maryland CDA program, which offers first time home buyers in […]

How To Write An Offer On A Short Sale

Recently, a buyer client of mine looking for property in Laurel real estate, asked me the best way to write an offer on a short sale.  This client is not an investor, so what I explained to her applies only to this particular situation.  She saw a home in her price range on the internet.  […]

What Is A Short Sale?

Yesterday, a client of mine asked me, “Who comes out on top in a Short-Sale”.  Short-sales are not only common in Laurel real estate, but every real estate market in the country.  As I explained to my client, it might be easier explaining who comes out on the bottom in a short sale than who […]

The Dreaded Short Sale

Ok, here at Laurel Real Estate we have discussed the first two types of sales.  First, was the normal sale between  a buyer and a seller.  Second, was the foreclosure sale between a buyer and a bank.  Now we come to the short sale. A short sale occurs when the seller needs to sell his […]

Three Types Of Sellers In This Real Estate Market

This real estate market contains three types of sellers.  The traditional sale, the foreclosure and the short sale.  First, there is the traditional sale.  In the traditional sale there is a seller and a buyer.  No bank is involved in this transaction.  Only the seller the buyer and there real estate agents are involved.  This […]