Buyer Agent In Laurel Maryland

If you are shopping for Laurel, Md. real estate, make sure you have a buyer agent who knows the area. There are three types of agency.  The first is the seller’s agent.  The seller’s agent is responsilbe for looking out for the seller’s interest above all else.  If you call a listing agent on a […]

Seller Has To Restore Property

Recently, I was at a walk-thru with my buyer on a sale in Laurel, Maryland. The walk-thru is typically done a few days before settlement and is done to make sure the home is the same condition it was at the time of ratification. In this particualar walk-thru it was discovered the basement carpet was […]

Loan Modification

If you bought a home in the last couple of years and are having trouble paying your mortgage, loan modification is an option. The type of loan you have makes a difference. If you have an FHA loan, the government offers two options.  One is the partial claim.  Simpley put,  the partial claim allows you to […]

Thinking Of Buying A Laurel Maryland Foreclosure?

Are you are considering buying a Laurel, Md. home?  If so, are you considering a foreclosure? Everyone thinks a foreclosure can be had for pennies on the dollar.  However, if you want to buy a foreclosure, you may end up paying more than the list price. The last three foreclosure deals I wrote on all had multiple bids […]

Dinner At Bottom Of The Bay Seafood In Laurel, Maryland

Last night my wife and I were in the mood for some seafood in Laurel, Maryland.  Laurel has a couple of seafood restaurants.  Unfortunately, the Chesapeke Bay and Surf is no longer around.  We decided to give Bottom of the Bay Seafood a try.  In the past, we have bought crabs to go and been […]

Home Sales In Maryland

The Laurel, Maryland residents who live in Montgomery County are still in a transition housing market.  A transition housing market is not a buyer’s market or a sellers market. A transition market is a balanced market. With all the talk about the bad housing market, Montgomery County Maryland continues to lead the way to recovery. Howard County […]

The University Of Maryland Terripans In March Madness

For all of us in Laurel Maryland who are Maryland Terripan fans today is a big day.  Today at 2:55 PM the University of Maryland’s mens basketball team tips off against the University of California.  Maryland is a ten seed and California is a seven seed. If Maryland gets past California, they will probably play […]

Laurel Maryland Library Story Time

Those of us with children, who live in Laurel Maryland are often visiting the Laurel Library.   The Laurel Library is located at 507 7th Street in Laurel.  One of the activities the library provides for parents and children is Story Time. Story Time is an event where the Laurel Librarian reads a story to children of […]

Laurel Meat Market

If you own Laurel, Md. real estate you are probably familier with the Laurel Meat Market on Main Street.  You can’t miss it if you drive down Main Street in Laurel Maryland.  Just stop wherever you see the life size plastic cow on the sidewalk. The Laurel Meat Market is not a new high tech […]