Statistics for Laurel Md Zip Code 20707

2008 2007 % Change
buy cheap Seroquel online Total Sold Dollar Volume: $ 4,788,686 $ 11,195,213 – 57.23 %
click here Average Sold Price: $ 299,293 $ 302,573 – 1.08 %
follow url Median Sold Price: $ 271,227 $ 280,000 – 3.13 %
Total Units Sold: 16 37 – 56.76 %
Average Days on Market: 124 74 67.57 %
Average List Price for Solds: $ 314,877 $ 308,126 2.19 %
Avg Sale Price as a
percentage of Avg List Price:
95.05 % 98.20 %

As you can see, the above stats for Laurel Md in zip code 20707 display some interesting results.  The average home price in Laurel dropped just about one percent from  January last year to January this year.  The median price dropped just over three percent.  This is much less than the over all Prince Georges County home price drop of about nine percent in the same time period.

Laurel Md seems to be holding up better than most areas in Maryland.  This kind of result seems to make sense when you think of all the development in Laurel.  This includes the new strip mall completed last year at the corner of Contee Rd and Baltimore Ave.  When Konterra is finally finished, Laurel home values will probably increase significantly.

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