Your Neighborhood Has To Have This!

If you purchase Laurel, Md. real estate or any Maryland real estate, your new neighborhood has to have its own newsletter.  My neighborhood in Laurel Md. has its own newsletter called HOTLINE, The Neigborhood Newsletter Of West Laurel.

Hotline has a President’s Message, important dates relevant to the community, and recent home sales in West Laurel Md.  In addition, there is a section welcoming new members to the community.  This year West Laurel Md welcomed 16 new famalies.

Another section of Hotline deals with any new developments in or around West Laurel.  So the community has an update on what is being planned or built in or around the area.  For example, we have a new home community being built down the street from me.  The prices for these new homes have become much more affordable over the last year.  The Development Updates section also discusses the most recent happenings with a very popular Amish Market.  If you read this section, you will know the Amish Market will be moving to Laurel Md in January 2009.

And ofcourse, Hotline is full of various contact numbers of the West Laurel Community Association (WLCA). The next meeting of the WLCA will be October 16, 2008 at 7:30 p.m.  in the Supplee Community Center.

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