Where Will Laurel, Md. Library Land?

I just finished reading another article in the Laurel Gazette about the Laurel Maryland Library, currently located at 507 Seventh St in Laurel.

The debate continues to be whether to expand the library at its current location or to move it to where the old Laurel Md police station is located.  The city of Laurel is building a new police station where the old Baptist School was located.

I feel like this issue has been going on for years and according to the Gazette I am correct.  I have blogged about this situation before.

As a resident of  Laurel Maryland

, I have visited the library on numerous occasions.  Both my wife and daughter use the Library often as well.  I have been in there many times when it was very crowded.   It is obvious the Library needs to be expanded.

As the article states, there is a group who want the Laurel Library moved to Main St.  Haveing the Library on Main St.  Would be good for the local Laurel businesses on Main St.  It is felt by some that traffic to the library would spill over into the shops and restaurants near by.

Others want to keep the Laurel Library in its present neighborhood location.  The paper cited comments by patrons of  the library.  These people feel the library is currently very accessable to children in the neighborhood.

However, one of the issues about expanding the library is Emancipation Park next door.  Some residents don’t want any expansion to encroach on the park.

And of course, there are money issues to consider as well.

Like all issues, there are good arguments for and against any decision.

As a realtor, I always wonder what impact any move would have on home values of Laurel real estate.  Most families like libraries that are easy to get to.