When Is The Best Time To Buy?

When working with buyers who are interested in buying Laurel Md. real estate, I often get asked, “Is now the best time to buy?”

Specifically, they want to know if houses are less expensive in the Winter versus the Spring and Summer months.  While Spring tends to have more choices of homes because of the larger inventory….Spring has more of something else as well.

In the Spring there are more buyers.   More buyers mean more competition for the best deals out there.  Yes, even in this market, there is competition for homes.  Buyers can be surprised when they make an offer on a house and there are three other offers on the property.

Just last week I showed a property that was very under-priced.  Ofcourse my buyers loved it.  Unfortunately, so did about eight other buyers.   A bidding war erupted over this property and my buyers could not compete.  The property was already listed at the top of their range.

The best time to buy? When you like a house and it fits your budget.


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