What A Christmas In Laurel Maryland

Thank goodness for me the parties in Laurel Maryland are over!

Lets see…..last Sunday there were two trays of delicious cookies brought to my Bible study group.  Then on Christmas Eve there was brunch at my sister’s house, several visits to friends and finally another dinner with incredible sweets to finish off the eating on Christmas Eve.  Following all that food was a service at our church where my daughter sang that ended around 1 a.m.

On Christmas day there was breakfast at my other daughter’s home at 8 a.m. Presents were opened at several locations mid-day.  Then at three o’clock in the afternoon it was off to another dinner of great food and numerous sweet deserts.

Mercifully, the day ended at around 8 p.m. that night.  I must be getting old.  Christmas is such a grueling event.  I need a vacation after it to re-group.

Now, I just have to work it out that I don’t have to stay-up late on New Years.


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