The VA Loan

Shortly after the second world war, the United States Government wanted to make it possible for returning veterans to purchase  a home.   This led to the creation of the Veterans Administration Loan program, or more commonly known as the VA Loan.  Since its inception, the VA Loan program has helped countless Veterans realized the dream of home ownership.

Some of the features of the VA Loan are:

  • Zero Down!

You can buy a home with no money down.  Most loans require at least a three percent down payment.  But with the VA loan, Veterans do not need any money for a down payment

  • Easier To Qualify!

Because the VA loan is guaranteed by the U.S. Government, lenders can be more flexible on their guidelines.   This is a tremendous advantage over other types of loans.  If your credit isn’t perfect, you may still qualify for a VA Loan.

  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Again, the backing of the Government makes it unnecessary for banks to charge you this customary fee.  Saving you more money.

  • Competitive Interest rates

You would think with these great features, the interest rate would be higher than most loans.   But it isn’t.  With the VA Loan, you get all these great features and a competitive interest rate.

Another amazing feature of the VA loan, in some cases, the seller can pay off a debt of the buyer.  Thats right.   The VA loan will allow the seller to pay off a debt of the buyer’s so that the Veteran can purchase the home.

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