Ten Of My Favorite Places In Laurel, Maryland

Having owned Laurel real estate for about 15 years now, I have become fond of several places in Laurel Maryland.  The following is the current list:

  • Laurel Donut shop.  Taste one of their donuts and you will know why
  • California Tortilla.  Love the music and food is always good
  • Best Buy.  Ok, its really only the big screen TV area
  • Starbucks.  I love the coffer and love haveing someone make it for me
  • The hand car wash in Laurel Center Mall.  A clean car seems to run better
  • Sports Card Heros at 634 Main St.  Everything a true sports collector would want
  • Books-A-Million in Laurel Center Mall.  I could spend a week in there.
  • First United Methodist Church on Main Street.  Love to fellowship at my church
  • Sam’s Club.  Don’t know why just love the big open space full of goodies
  • Silver Diner on Route One.  This is my favorite place to be in Laurel

Well there you have it.  This list is subject to change as I have many more places to visit in Laurel.  In case you were wondering the list is in ascending order.


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