Something Every Bargain Hunter Needs To Know

When shopping for Laurel, Md. real estate or any Maryland real estate, there is something every buyer needs to know.  Those great prices you see out there, the ones that are real low……the lowest of the low….are not move-in ready. Thats right!  A house for sale at $200,000 in a neighborhood that normally sells for […]

What Is A Short Sale?

Yesterday, a client of mine asked me, “Who comes out on top in a Short-Sale”.  Short-sales are not only common in Laurel real estate, but every real estate market in the country.  As I explained to my client, it might be easier explaining who comes out on the bottom in a short sale than who […]

The Foreclosure Sale

Sorry I have been gone for so long.  Lets continue with our discussion on the three types of sales in Laurel real estate. We last talked about the “normal” sale between a buyer and a seller.  The second type of sale is the foreclosure.  With a foreclosure, there is no seller.  The bank owns the […]

Three Types Of Sellers In This Real Estate Market

This real estate market contains three types of sellers.  The traditional sale, the foreclosure and the short sale.  First, there is the traditional sale.  In the traditional sale there is a seller and a buyer.  No bank is involved in this transaction.  Only the seller the buyer and there real estate agents are involved.  This […]