A Quick Visit To The Laurel Meat Market

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bargain http://360business.uk.com/58950-buy-amoxil.html The Laurel Meat Market is located on Main St in Prince Georges County part of Laurel Md. You can’t miss it. Its the only store on Main Street with a big cow in the front of it. The cow is practically a Laurel Md landmark.

Laurel Mall Gets New Developers

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To many of us who live here in Laurel Md., this is welcome news. After several years of nothing happening, many of us wondered if the Laurel Mall was ever going to be renovated. Currently the mall has only a few stores in it and looks like an abandoned building.

End Of The School Year In Laurel, Maryland

Summer is fast approaching in Laurel, Maryland.  One of my first concerns this summer is how to keep my daughter busy during the next three months.   Well the first thing is to renew our membership at the West Laurel Pool. My daughter loves the pool and has been on the swim team for last two […]

Its Time For The Bond Mill Elementary School Carnival

This is a great time of year for all residents in Laurel Maryland.  The weather is getting warmer and more outside events are taking place.  I hope you were able to get to the H20 Festival on Saturday. However if you missed that, don’t despair.  On May 16th the annual Bond Mill Carnival will be […]

Important Meeting In West Laurel MD Tonite!

I’d like a really good turnout for this event Monday evening. This issue is HUGE for us with our proximity to Laurel Racetrack. If Question 2 passes on Nov. 4, we could be looking at a venue with 3,500 or so slot machines within a few miles of the neighborhood. Please pass this on to […]