Staying Warm In Laurel Maryland

Warm Ways To Save Money in Laurel Maryland

Ways To Keep Your Hands Warm In Laurel Maryland
Ways To Keep Your Hands Warm In Laurel Maryland

I am sure the record setting snow has made all of us in Laurel, Maryland aware of how good are homes are at heating.  My wife has been very busy looking for inexpensive ways to keep the heat in our home on Bounds Ave in West Laurel Maryland.

Below are good ideas on how to keep the heat in and the heating bills low in your Laurel real estate.



Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bill


When the temperature outside begins to fall, our heating bills quickly start to rise.  For many homeowners, keeping their house warm in the winter means paying a hefty heating bill.  If you use BG&E, you really know how expensive heat can be for Laurel, Maryland residents.  Luckily, there are some ways to help reduce those costs and keep a little extra cash in your pocket for a rainy (and warmer) day.


Don’t Be Shade-y


Open You Blinds For Hidden Savings.
Open You Blinds For Hidden Savings.

Even though it may be cold outside, the sun still tries to peak through on occasion.  When it does, make sure to open your curtains and/or blinds in order to welcome the sun’s heat into your home.  This will help to add a touch of warmth to help keep your heating costs down.   After all, the time for seeking shade from the sunlight is in the summer.

This surprised me how effective this can be.   Like other homes on Bounds Ave, our home has carport that was converted into a finished room.   This room  is mostly windows.  We left the shades open and at one point this was the warmest room in the house.


Ways to Cool Your Laurel Maryland Real Estate


Did you know that the settings on your water heater could be affecting your heating bill?  It’s true.  Check your owner’s manual or ask a local expert about the ideal settings for your water heater which, if turned down, may still be able to heat your water adequately while reducing your heating bill.

I can’t tell you how many home inspectors point this out to my clients who buy Maryland real estate.


Maryland Real Estate Insulation Information


Insulate Your Wallet With Big Savings.
Insulate Your Wallet With Big Savings.

Insulation is used to maintain your home’s temperature.  Some houses, especially older ones, may require additional insulation to keep the cold air out during the winter and the warm air in.  The latter is especially important if your goal is to lower your heating bills.  Check with a local insulation professional about upgrading or replacing your outdated insulation.


Temperature Control


Turning the thermostat down when the house is empty or at night (when you can snuggle up under the covers) will help to reduce your Laurel Maryland real estate heating costs.


Window Woes


How To Keep Savings From Seeping Through The Cracks
How To Keep Savings From Seeping Through The Cracks

If you feel a cold draft near your windows, chances are good that it isn’t the only direction that the air is flowing.  Specifically, air leaks or gaps in your window can cause the warm air to leave your home, which can result in a rising heat bill.  If you notice a draft, use caulk to seal the area or hire a professional Laurel Maryland real estate handyman to repair any cracks or imperfections that may be causing an airflow problem.


Now that you know how to keep your heating costs down, it’s important to note a certain amount of fresh air must be able to enter the home in order to prevent a buildup of moisture, which could lead to mold during the winter.  In other words, don’t prevent a natural airflow by making your home excessively airtight.


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