State Funds For LARS And Laurel Boys And Girls Club

I recently wrote a post about how the Laurel Boys and Girls club (LBGC) needed $50,000 for operating expenses.   Well, according to the Laurel Gazette the state of Maryland has given both the LBGC and Laurel Advocacy and Recovery Services (LARS $100,000 each.  This is great news for Laurel residents.

The funds for the LBGC will be used to update the building.   According to the paper, the club is not exactly sure where they will put the money first.  Possibilities include making the building more Green or more accessible for people with disabilities.

LARS will use the money to create more room for their building on Laurel Ave.  The building is too small for the current staff and the amount of services LARS provides.  It is possible the LARS building will add another story.


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