Homes For Sale In Spencerville, Maryland

Homes for sale in Spencerville, Md.

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The Maryland real estate offerings, although extremely heterogeneous, have few locations that compare to Spencerville, Maryland.  This is a very small spot in Montgomery County, comprised of approximately 558 people in an area one mile north of Cloverly.   This is an unincorporated area with one post office, occupying an area of .856 square mile.

With an average annual household income of just less than $55,000 and an average home value of $256,600, the Spencerville population is within close proximity to our nation’s capital as well as the other large cities in the area.  This is a quiet, unobtrusive community that has the traditional business and services without any large landmarks that would divert massive amounts of traffic to its city limits.

If what you seek is a small Maryland community with traditional values and hometown standards, Spencerville is a place worth investigating.  Many people have sought its refusal to get too big, too cluttered or too busy, making it appealing to those in this area who seek a slower pace.

Maryland real estate surely has its differences, as illustrated by Spencerville.  Take a look at its charm and its simplicity; this may be for you.