Special Laurel Maryland Election

Today, September 8 2009, there will be a special election for the city of Laurel Maryland.

Laurel residents will get to vote on a number of issues.  Some of these issues include an extension of terms for local officials, pay raises for the mayor and city council members and early voting.

Nothing voted on will be binding.  The election is just asking the public how they feel about these issues.

The one issue that is most important to me is early voting.  As of today, I think everyone should vote.    An election needs to truly represent the will of the people.   The more people that vote, the greater the chance that the results reflect the will of the majority of people in that area.

Early voting provides more opportunity for people to vote.  Everyone has different schedules that need to be accommodated.  The idea that someone who works two jobs and is barley making ends meet, doesn’t get the opportunity to vote, just doesn’t seem right.

Laurel city residents can vote today at the Phelps Center on Montgomery Street from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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