Side-By-Side Program Helping Laurel Md Schools

Laurel Maryland Real Estate Near Elementary Schools

Bethany Church in Laurel Maryland
Bethany Church in Laurel Maryland

I was at a fundraiser for Laurel Maryland Real Estate near elementary schools recently.  The speaker was the Pastor at Bethany Church in Laurel Md, Kevin McDonald.  He was talking about how some Maryland politicians had failed the local school system.

Raising Money For Maryland Real Estate

Laurel Elementary School
Laurel Elementary School

The Pastor went on to say that using slots in Maryland Real Estate to raise money for the  public school system was wrong.   Pastor McDonald believes the people in the community could work together to help the seven Laurel Maryland elementary schools.  McDonald said we don’t need gambling, we need each other.

His solution is the Side-by-Side Program.  This program literally has the local Laurel Maryland community working side-by-side with the seven Laurel elementary schools.

Local volunteers help parents with early morning child care.  Side-by-Side also has after school activities like homework clubs as well.  Parents are given education classes to help them be better suited for the challenges of their children’s education.

For more information call 202-710-5555.

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