Marketing Your Home


Marketing your home is one of the most important considerations in the home selling process.   Not every strategy works for every home.

I will sit down with you and discuss what plan best fits your home.  As a pro, of course, I have ideas how to market your home, but I want your input as well.

Some strategies I feel are important and  have been successful in the past are discussed below.


Most buyers want a home the don’t have to do any work on.   Buyers want to settle on the house in the morning and move in that afternoon with no problems.   The way you stage your home will have a big impact on how fast it sells and for how much.  Most sellers can keep their homes neat and clean.  However, if you think you might need some professional help, their are other options.

Professional Photos

Many property photos are awful. In fact, there is a website devoted to showcasing bad real estate photography. If you are good with a camera, great!  Because pictures on the internet are how most buyers see your home for the first time, they have to be done right.   I have a professional photographer to take pictures of all my listings.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are a great way to have a buyer walk through your home virtually.  A virtual tour is a way to show off your properties strengths and is a favorite of buyers.

Open Houses

I don’t do open houses because rarely does the buyer from a home come from an open house.



Every house appears on the internet.  I will submit your home, not only to the local mls, but several other places as well to give it maximum exposure.


All my prospects will receive a listing of your house.


Print is old fashioned and outdated for the most part.  However, I will hand out flyers in the neighborhood to find someone who has a friend who may be interested in buying in the neighborhood.


I will put your property in the local mlx.  This will expose your property to thousands of realtors in the area.