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Homes for sale in Riverdale, Md.

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The Maryland real estate community that may present challenges with respect to its name is Riverdale (or East Riverdale or Riverdale Park).  This is a special, humble and culturally diverse community of approximately 7000 people within an area of 1.68 square miles.  This area began as streetcar suburbs of Prince George’s County.  It is surrounded by Hyattsville on the south and southwest, with College Park to the north.

As part of Prince George’s County Public Schools, Riverdale is served by three elementary schools, two middle schools and three high schools.  Riverdale has its own police department, two volunteer fire departments and an EMS department.  In spite of its history within this Maryland region, this is an evolving and energetic young community that takes its civic pride and responsibilities quite seriously.

An indication of this energy is evident in the most popular Riverdale careers, those of construction and electrical repair and maintenance.  Its community works diligently toward such objectives as economic development, retail expansion strategies and assisting small businesses.

This is a small but worthwhile community that continues to look for ways to improve its surroundings, resources and people strengths.  For those who seek a place that perpetuates historical and traditional values, works toward the best interests of its people and seeks new ways to improve their quality of life, Riverdale Park easily qualifies. Part of its value is to be found in its affordability, a pleasant surprise when you consider how close it is to some of the most important real estate in our country.