Prince Georges County Maryland Home Sales

Maryland real estate
Maryland real estate

No real big surprises in Prince Georges County Maryland home sales in a comparision of December 2010 to December 2009.

Both the average sales price and the median sales price for sold homes dropped below $200,000.   The average sales price decreased from about $214,000 to about $193,00.  And the medium sold price dropped from $200,000 to about $170,000!  That is a decrease of over nine percent and fifteen percent respectively.

Of course, good things occur with lower prices.

Lower prices led to more sales this December in Prince Georges County Maryland Twenty more homes sold in December 2010 than in December 2009.  Homes sold faster.   The average days on the market dropped over 20 percent.  Homes sold within 90 days on average.

A couple other significant points.   While attached homes (town homes…) sold about the same number of units as December 2009, detached homes increased in number of sold units.  Most buyers prefer detached homes and now they are becoming more affordable.

Also, the list price to sales price ratio was even.   This could be and indication that prices in Maryland are stabilizing.

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