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One of the most interesting and prestigious addresses in Maryland real estate is the city of Potomac, Maryland.   This is a location named after the Potomac River but has distinguished itself as one of the most affluent communities in the United States.  To add to this image, a leading magazine has also referred to Potomac as one of the most highly educated populations in the country.  Clearly, this is a special community that can provide both an excellent proximity to the cities of Washington DC and Baltimore as well as a beautiful, exclusive address.

Within an area of 26.6 miles, the population of Potomac in the 2010 census was 44, 965, reflecting a growth of .3% from 2000.  Property values and median income are reflective of the distinguished population, with an unemployment rate of only 5%, lower than the Maryland average. The majority of those employed and living in Potomac are professionals, with a large segment of the population also working in health care and public administration.

Potomac is also a community that promotes the education of its families.  Private high schools total six, with eight private elementary/middle schools.  If you prefer public education, Potomac has one public high school with five elementary/middle school options.  Rounding out the emphasis on family and community, Potomac offers nine churches and synagogues.

Recreation is also easily found in Potomac, in such sites as the US Postal Training Facility, Congressional Country Club, Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center and three shopping centers.  You will also see a great deal of space dedicated to the outdoors in Potomac, with nine parks and nine rivers, streams or creeks within its boundaries.

As one might expect, Potomac residents are quite proud of their community, dedicating considerable time to community service projects.  The Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant, active entity, providing networking opportunities, fund-raisers and parades.

The town of Potomac is a memorable and exciting venue.  It represents the best of Maryland real estate and warmly welcomes new residents who can appreciate its beauty and variety.  With its rich history, diverse population and a spirit of enthusiasm, Potomac, Maryland is definitely one of the high spots in the panorama of Maryland’s real estate offerings.