Possible Changes In West Laurel Maryland

buy zantac pioneer Something common to tylenol canada practice Laurel real estate http://www.urbanpro.co/90592-canadian-pharmacy-flovent.html officiate and other communities as well is the planning maps.  The planning maps, more commonly referred to as famvir price Master Plans,  often show changes planned for a community in the future.  Many times these http://bamboudent.com/34347-plavix-price.html planning maps have something on them that never happens.   However, as long as they are on the maps, these changes could happen at some time.

According to an email I received on West Laurel list serve, the maps have displayed for a long time the expanding of Bond Mill to four lanes.  In addition, the maps also show the expanding of Brooklyn Bridge road to four lanes from Bond Mill  to Laurel city limits.

The message on the West Laurel list serve does admit these changes have been on the maps for some time, but is unclear when and if they will occrur.  However, you can make your voice heard now at the following link.


It would be a good opportunity to see whats going on and do something constructive for your community.  All the Master Plans for Prince Georges County Maryland are located at that link.

For more information about Maryland communities, visit Maryland neighborhoods.



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