PG Board Insults Laurel Maryland

I just read an article in the Laurel Leader that the Prince Georges County Board of Liscense Commissioners just approved the transfer of a liquor license from a closed bar in Laurel Md to another owner who already owns two sports bars in Maryland.  The new owner will open up his new bar right where the old one use to be.

This location, over the last several years, has been the site of two previous bars. Both previous clubs were the sites of violent crime, including shootings.

At one point, one of the clubs tried to turn the place in to a strip bar.

As a Laurel, Md resident, I can not believe the Board approved a liquor license for a location that has a history of so much violence.  On top of that, it appears the board ignored the concerns of the community.  Laurel residents have consistently protested any “club” at this location.

There are some restrictions in place.  The bar most close at 11:30 p.m., no one hanging out outside and no dancing.

Even with these restrictions, we in Laurel can not believe the board is allowing for the same conditions that produced violent criminal behavior before.

Needless to say, the new owners will be closely watched.


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