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North Potomac, MD

Welcome to North Potomac, MD, a uniquely attractive and prestigious example of Maryland real estate.  With its stately mansions, reputation for distinguished residents, this is an area that Forbes Magazine rated as one of the sixteen most affluent communities in the US.


The town of North Potomac derives its beginnings from Gaithersburg, Potomac and Rockville, with a location that is parallel to the Potomac River.  Its boundaries are Darnestown Road to the north, Glen Mill Road on the south and east, Boswell Lane and Travilah Road in the south and Jones Lane in the west.

Its size is relatively small – a total of 6.6 square miles, but within those boundaries are numerous distinctive neighborhoods such as Amberlea Farm, Potomac Farm, Quail Run, Quince Haven and others.  Located in west central Montgomery County North Potomac is an unincorporated area with  boundaries that are not officially defined. North Potomac recognized by the United States Census Bureau as a Census-Designated Place.

Within the North Potomac region are a number of substantial shopping areas such as the Traville Gateway and Travilah square, with new sites that are in the constant growth mode.  Darnestown Road connects North Potomac with other affluent communities in the nearby area.

North Potomac residents have no aversion to recreation – as an example, there are 237 golf courses within 30 miles of the area.


This is a community that takes education quite seriously, with a network of elementary, middle and high schools. There are a total of five elementary, four middle and three high schools that share students within the North Potomac, Gaithersburg and Potomac communities.

There are also 48 colleges, universities and professional schools within thirty miles, as well as 11 junior colleges and technical institutes.  As a good indication of the population of North Potomac, there are a total of 84 libraries within 15 miles and 30 museums within 30 miles.


North Potomac earns its identity as one of the most affluent communities in the US.  Its median income is high, as are its education level, median home price and family purchasing power.  Personal crime statistics are quite low, dollars spent per family for the arts are comparatively high and this is thoroughly a community that is proud of its historic and sophisticated image.

Full of signature restaurants, bars, shops and cultural activities, those who value their histories and their distinctive lifestyles will find North Potomac a delightful venue.  As is the case with so many of the communities in this area, it boasts the ability to separate oneself from the busy metropolitan pace in a more stately and more secluded setting.  For the right prospective resident, North Potomac will be a meaningful and memorable highlight.