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Located a mere twelve miles from Washington, DC, Maryland real estate is greatly enhanced by the presence of the charming city of New Carrollton, Maryland.  With a population of 12, 135 people within 1.5 square miles, New Carrollton has enjoyed a rather unique history.  It was built on the estate of a horse racing figure, was later acquired by a real estate developer.  Finally, it was given its present name by a referendum in 1966 after having been named Carrollton after a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

New Carrollton refers to itself as a suburban residential community with the premier location between major locations of Annapolis, Washington, DC and Baltimore.  With this extraordinary geographic presence and access to substantial public transportation, New Carrollton considers itself one of the most desirable places in the Maryland real estate area.

The New Carrollton residents are served by the Prince George’s County Public Schools, consisting of three elementary, one middle and one high school.  Citizens also have access to one New Carrollton magnet school.  With a population that has a median age of 33 years, this is a focus that is most attractive to those who are interested in a comfortable and attractive place to raise a family.

Regardless of its proximity to Washington, however, the residents of New Carrollton are primarily middle-income, often blue-collar employed population.  The largest industries in New Carrollton are construction, followed by public administration, then transportation and warehousing.  In terms of professions, most common are drivers/sales workers/truck drivers, computer specialists and recording/scheduling/dispatching/distributing workers.

Aside from having the endless supply of national monuments and museums in nearby Washington, Annapolis and Baltimore, New Carrollton is proud of its ongoing city events such as council meetings, food drives, elections and community action projects.   New Carrollton is a vibrant and constantly-changing place where population and property values have been increasing, town pride is on the increase and new residents are welcome.