My Morning Walk In Laurel, MD

Some mornings I wake up around 5 a.m., put on my sweat suit and running shoes and head out the door for a five mile walk.

My five mile walk takes me through all the Laurel, Md. real estate I am trying to sell.  I walk down Bond Mill Rd and make a right turn on Riding Stable Rd.  I walk by West Laurel pool.  In the summer I can see the swim team practicing, now its just dark and cold.  I cross over Interstate 95 and see all the cars heading to work.  I pass Dorsett Lane and walk for about a quarter mile more.

The bulk of my walk is spent on Riding Stable Rd.  After I pass Dorsett, I turn around and walk back.  When I get back on Bond Mill, I walk all the way down to Route 198 before heading home.

Though it is cold and now very dark, I always see several others walking along my path as well.  Some of them are even running.  These people are pretty much the regulars.  I can count on seeing them every time I walk.  We always wave to each other and say, “hello”.  It is surprising how much seeing a familier face and hearing, “Good Morning” can make it fell brighter and warmer on these mornings.

And seeing my fellow morning walkers and joggers reminds me of the sense of community I feel about my neighborhood.  Its a good feeling.  Laurel MD has really grown on me.  It really does feel like home.


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