Maryland Real Estate

Boasting two major metropolitan areas, scenic surroundings
and oceanfront landscapes, it’s simply no wonder why Maryland real estate
is in such a high demand. With its steep history in our nation’s development to
its economic and sheer global importance, Maryland is a highly notable state, and
makes for ideal residency for virtually anyone. From coastal getaway homes to
more urban settings, anyone can find whatever it is they’re after in the Old Line

Ranked 42nd in land mass and comparable to the
size of Belgium,
Maryland was
the seventh state to ratify the United States Constitution and has grown to
being the wealthiest state in the country with a median household income of
$65,144. Most notably, Maryland
is considered a global hub for the life sciences with over 350 biotechnology
firms – the third-largest grouping found anywhere in the country. It’s no
surprise either that the state boasts some widely notable educational
institutions including the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University and
the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Other major institutions call Maryland home including
the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health.

Sharing two major metropolitan areas in Washington D.C.
and Baltimore, Maryland is home to a wide range of people,
commerce and entertainment. Maryland
also has a major airport in Baltimore-Washington
International Thurgood Marshall Airport
– taking up a vast majority of
the state’s airline traffic. The major populated areas boast some of the
country’s most respected settings for suburban life, including the planned
community of Columbia
– which recently was ranked as high as #4 in Money Magazines Top 100 Places to
Live. Along with a vast array of cultural opportunities, Maryland is also home to widely popular
athletic teams including the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles. Those
living just outside of the Washington
area also enjoy numerous
sports teams including the Washington Redskins, Washington Capitals and
Washington Wizards.

Whether it’s the vibrant history or ideal setting, there
simply is no denying that the state of Maryland
offers multiple favorable environments for anyone to call home. All things
considered, it’s truly no wonder as to why Maryland real estate is
consistently in such high demand. Whether it’s cultural amenities, access to
major cities or the Atlantic Ocean, almost
whatever you could imagine can be found in Maryland. It truly is safe to say that the
state of Maryland
is one of the best places to make your home.