Maryland Real Estate Owners Receive Energy Efficiency Incentives

Maryland real estate

Maryland real estate owners are eligible for energy efficiency upgrades from the Maryland Clean Energy Center, which launched a new program this year. Thanks to economic stimulus funding, the Center has the money to work toward its goal of reducing carbon emissions 20 percent by 2025.

If you own Maryland real estate, you can have an energy assessment drawn up by a certified home energy auditor and then apply for up to $20,000 toward each of your home energy improvements with low interest rates of 6.99 percent. Most of the Maryland real estate upgrades will include improved insulation, plugged air leaks, sealed ducts, new heat pumps, new air conditioners or replaced furnaces, according to the Maryland Energy Administration. Click here to find a contractor!

“This month’s cold spell is a potent reminder of steps to save money by making our primary residences more energy efficient,” said Maryland Clean Energy Center Executive Director Kathy Magruder. These loans will cost Maryland real estate owners initially, but will put money back in their pockets (thanks to utility savings) each season, she adds.

Maryland real estate owners are also eligible for the Maryland Energy Administration’s Home Performance Rebate Program, which gives homeowners:

–          $100 toward an energy audit

–          35% (or $1,500 maximum) toward whole-house air sealing

–           35% (or $1,500 maximum) toward attic insulation

–          35% (or $1,500 maximum) toward duct sealing, replacement or insulation

–          35% (or $1,500 maximum) toward wall insulation

–          35% (or $1,500 maximum) toward basement or crawl space insulation

–          35% (or $1,500 maximum) toward rim joist insulation

Essentially, you can receive up to $3,100 for your Maryland real estate energy efficiency improvements!