Martin Luther King Middle School Concert

Last night my wife and I attended a holiday concert at Martin Luther King Middle School (MLK) in Beltsville Md.  The music was performed by the various bands at the school.

My daughter plays the oboe at MLK.

I was struck by how many students were involved in the concert.  There were four seperate bands.  One group consisted of all strings.  Another group was all wind instruments.  The other groups were a combination of various types of instruments.

There was an air of anticipation as parents watched their children walk into the gym in their white shirts and red vest.  It was an impressive display.

The music students at MLK did a great job.  Each band walked up in an orderly fashion, played a couple pieces and then orderly walked back to their seats.

The best part was the music.

The students have improved so much since elementary school.  My wife and I attended several concerts and Bond Mill Elementary school in Laurel Md. through the years.   The quality of the performances varied.

However, last night at MLK, my wife and I were very impressed.  The students were clearly much improved over elementary school.  It was nice to hear the music and marvel at the talent.

A good time was had by all.  I was a very enjoyable evening.

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