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Welcome to a historic and charming spot in Maryland real estate, Laytonsville, Maryland.  Formerly known as Cracklintown, this small but memorable area derived its name from its presence in the Cracklin District, a place known for its memorable bacon corn bread recipe.  Laytonville was incorporated in 1892.

In twenty-first century Maryland, this is a town with a population of almost 300, occupying an area of 1.0 square mile.  This is not just another small town, however.  The median family income of Laytonsville is $83,260, with a population density of only 375 per square mile.

Laytonsville is a uniquely livable, desirable community.  It features three hospitals within fourteen miles, an airport, a heliport and an Amtrak station within 9 miles.  Also of note are the Laytonsville Fire Station Company 17 and three churches.  This area is part of the Montgomery County Public Schools and is served by two elementary and one high school.

Unemployment is low in Laytonsville and the highest percentage of its employed population is dedicated to public administration and professional/scientific/technical services, followed by wholesale trade.  The citizens of Laytonsville are civic-minded, family-oriented and responsible community members.

Laytonsville speaks of its location exactly 25 miles north of the White House.  They are proud of their regular Town Council meetings, their Planning Commission and their new website.  Their Laytonsville Historical Center is a welcoming, hometown spot with goals of promoting Laytonsville’s historic heritage. This is accomplished through compiling family histories, photographs and memorabilia.

Make certain that your tour of Maryland real estate includes Laytonsville.  You’ll find that this is a town that is committed to preserving its history while creating a warm and friendly place for its present-day citizens.