Laurel School Of Music Still Going Strong

Last night I took my daughter to the Laurel School of Music on Main St in Laurel Maryland.

Every Monday evening she has a voice lesson and piano lesson at the school.  However, this Monday night was different.

My daughter and I will be singing a duet this Sunday at First United Methodist Church on Main St in Laurel.  So both my daughter and I were there for a voice lesson.  We met with her piano teacher, Mac Statham, to rehearse for Sunday.

What amazed me about the Laurel School of Music is how busy it was. The school has expanded over the last couple of years.  More rooms have been added.  The school now has added an upstairs.

Most of all, on a weekend most people are out of town, the Laurel School of Music was busy.

It looks like Laurel Maryland is a great place for people who love music.

Laurel School of Music is located at the corner of 7th St. and Main St. in Laurel Maryland.