Laurel Meat Market

If you own Laurel, Md. real estate you are probably familier with the Laurel Meat Market on Main Street.  You can’t miss it if you drive down Main Street in Laurel Maryland.  Just stop wherever you see the life size plastic cow on the sidewalk.

The Laurel Meat Market is not a new high tech store.  It dosn’t have the latest equipment.  It probably looks just like it did thirty years ago.  The store has some general groceries along with some produce, but the best part of the Laurel Meat Market is in the back of the store.

The back of the Laurel Meat Market contains numerous glass cases full of all kinds of meat, pork, chicken and fish.  The containers have big slabs of meat waiting to be cut up and given to hungry customers.   Prices are great, the meat is good.  I have been a customer of the Laurel Meat Market for over 15 years.

If you don’t feel like cooking the great meats, you can have the Laurel Meat Market cater your events and serve the food they have right from the store.


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