Laurel Maryland 20708 Continues To Buck Housing Trend

2009 2008 % Change
buy dapoxetine ireland Total Sold Dollar Volume: $ 2,506,490 $ 2,441,989 2.64 %
this hyperlink Average Sold Price: $ 313,311 $ 348,856 – 10.19 % Median Sold Price: $ 308,500 $ 299,999 2.83 %
Total Units Sold: 8 7 14.29 %
Average Days on Market: 198 152 30.26 %
Average List Price for Solds: $ 352,025 $ 391,956 – 10.19 %
Avg Sale Price as a
percentage of Avg List Price:
89.00 % 89.00 %

While most housing markets across the country are haveing a tough time, Laurel, Md. real estate in Maryland zip code 20708 is relatively quite well.

As you can see by the above statistics,  Laurel Maryland 20708 has improved in some home sale catagories over last February.  Total Dollar Volume Sold increased 2.64%. I know that increase seems small, but when you compare it with the over 22% decline for Prince Georges County Maryland, it is significant.

The average sold price decreased over ten percent.  However, the median sold price increased 2.83%.  Again this may seem small, but when compared with the over 24% decline in median price for Prince Georges County, it looks impressive.

One more significant number is the Average Sale Price As a Percentage Of List Price.  Laurel Maryland 20708 stayed even at 89% with last February.  Again, in many areas of Maryland, including Prince Georges County, this number is impressive.


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