Good And Quick Food In Laurel Md

Some long time Laurel Md residents will remember the Little Tavern located at 115 Washington Blvd in Laurel.  The Little Tavern used to serve up hamburgers by the bag and was open 24 hours.  A couple of years back the Little Tavern in Laurel Md closed its doors.  The familier green roofed building sat empty for  a time.

Well now, the building is open again.  Laurel Tavern Donuts now occupies the space.  Now you can still buy your burgers by the bag, and you can buy fresh donuts as well.   The food is better than the original Little Tavern.  The place has quickly gained popularity among the locals.  If you stop in to the Laurel Tavern Donuts in Laurel Md, you will become a regular too.

Since this blog post was originally published, Laurel Tavern Donuts have increased their hours and are now open seven days a week.  In addition, you can now by burgers by the bag again.

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