Large Turnout At The Polls In Laurel, MD

According to the Laurel Leader the voter turnout in Laurel MD was very large.  The article mentioned three different polling sites in Laurel.  Poll workers reported heavy turnouts at the Phelps center in the city of Laurel MD.  Laurel Woods Elementary poll workers indicated they never got a break and the flow of voters was steady.  The Cypress Street Community Center also reported a large turnout of voters.  According to the article  2600 of the 3700 registered voters in Laurel MD had voted by 7 p.m.

Who did all these people vote for?  Barack Obama received 60 percent of the vote and John McCain received 39 percent of the vote.  Maryland is traditionaly a Democratic state.  However, before the current Democratic Govenor O’Mally, Maryland elected Republican Mark Erlich for one term.


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