It Is True

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The other day my son-in-law, who lives up the street from me on Bond Mill Rd in Laurel Maryland, informed me that contact lithium carbonate price Led Zepplin played a concert in Laural Md at the Laurel race track.

I was shocked when I heard this.

Led Zeppelin in Laurel Maryland?  ascorbic acid price Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were located down the street from where I get my Fiber One Bars?

I was sort of in disbelief till I read last week’s Laurel Leader.   Mike McLaughlin wrote an article clenbuterol for sale uk confirming that in 1969, Led Zeppelin played at the Laurel Pop Festival.

Even more interesting, Mike gives the address of a web site that every rock-n-roller must have,   Check it out Dude!

Great stuff!  It looks like Laurel was cool back in the 1960s.


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