Is The ICC On Its Way To Laurel, Md.?

Here is something that will affect Laurel, Md. real estate, the ICC.

I just got an email about something called the MD 29/198 Corridor Improvement Project.  The person who sent me this email feels this is the old ICC route that was headed twords Laurel MD.  There is going to be an informational workshop at James Blake H.S. 300 Norwood Rd. Silver Spring MD 20905 on Tuesday November 18th 2009.  The workshop will be from 5:30 to 8:30 that night.

According to the email, the purpose of the workshop is to obtain information regarding  possible environmental impacts.  Also you can get an update as to where they are in the planning stage and any possible alternatives.   People will be able to walk thru a set-up presentation and ask questions of officials who will be present.  For more information visit .


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