Important Meeting In West Laurel MD Tonite!

I’d like a really good turnout for this event Monday evening. This issue is
HUGE for us with our proximity to Laurel Racetrack. If Question 2 passes on
Nov. 4, we could be looking at a venue with 3,500 or so slot machines within a
few miles of the neighborhood. Please pass this on to your neighbors and
friends throughout the Laurel area and post it on list services. The event is
NOT limited to West Laurel residents. In fact, one of the elected officials
participating is Delegate Frank Turner (speaking in favor of Question 2) who
represents North Laurel. Details follow:

Time/Date: Monday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m.

Place: Bond Mill Elementary
16001 Sherwood Avenue, Laurel, 20707

Event: Panel discussion/debate with two speakers in favor of Question 2 and
two opposed. Each speaker will have 5-10 minutes to lay out their rationale
for supporting or opposing the legalization of slot machine gambling and then
a moderator will open it up to audience questions.

This is your opportunity to get clarification on the ramifications for
projected revenue and for the state budget, the wording on the ballot, and the
social concerns of crime and addiction associated with legalized gambling. Hope
to see you there!

Mary Lehman
(301) 498-0694 (home)
(301) 538-0436 (cell)

Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to
this country as irresponsible talk. — Margaret Chase Smith, four-term U.S.
Senator from Maine

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