I Love Election Day

I love election day.

It is so exciting that all over the country everybody is doing the same thing.   People in Maryland are focused on the same thing as people in California.  As one person put it many years ago, Election day is our Bloodless Revolution.

Here in Laurel MD we had some long voting lines, but if you voted after the morning rush hour, you didn’t wait long.  People who went early waited over an hour to vote, but I only waited about 15 minutes.  The polls had many people equipped to handle the expected heavy turnout.

Important issues in Laurel, MD included wheather to allow slots our not.  Also, the referendumn on increasing the tax on phone bills to raise money for education.  And ofcourse the referendumn on having early voting for all of Maryland in the future.

Hope you got out and voted on this historical moment in American history.


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