I Know This Happens To You

I grew up in Montgomery County Maryland.  I rarely went into Prince Georges County Maryland.  Those of us in Montgomery County thought Prince Georges County was a vast wasteland.

Well, the years go by, I meet my wife, have a child and now I own real estate in Laurel MD.  Now I live in Prince Georges County.  The years go by and my life in Montgomery County Maryland seems so far away. On occassion, when I am showing property, I drive through an old neighborhood I use to know.  I see houses where some old friends use to live.  I find myself, like all of us, wondering, ‘What ever happened to so and so?’

Well now I know

Old ‘so and so’ has looked me up on Facebook and found me!  I am amazed at how Facebook has brought my past back to life.  Just yesterday, a woman I knew when I was 13 dropped a note in my email asking how I have been.  That was 35 years ago!  But I do remember her.

And she knows people.  People from my past.  Suddenly, my past is coming at me at warp speed!  Now it dosn’t matter where I live….the tech age keeps us all connected.

If you are reading this Blog, then I know this happens to you.


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