How Does Laurel Md Compare To Where I live Now?

Laurel seems to be a mixture of old and new.  Historic Laurel Md is located mostly in Laurel City proper in Prince Georges County.  You can find many historic homes just a block or two off  of Main St.  In addition to historic homes, the old Laurel High School is located at the intersection of Seventh St and Montgomery Road. 

 You can find several old churches throughout Prince Georges County Laurel.  One of the oldest is St. Marks built in 1890. 

 There are many beautiful homes in Historic Laurel Md of all shapes and sizes.  You can find homes made of brick, stone and wood.  One of the most impressive features of the homes in historic Laurel are the large porches. 

 Ann Arundel County Laurel has both the old and the new.  The Russett neighborhood is located just off of Route 198, right next to the Baltimore Washington Parkway.  The oldest home in Russett is less than ten years old.

 Howard County Laurel has the newest neighborhoods in Emerson and the gated community of Stone Lake.   Emerson has homes that are less than five years old and Stone Lake is still building.

 Like the rest of the Washington D.C./Baltimore area, Laurel is very diverse.  The cities demographics are similar to other cities in the region.  Laurel is home to numerous businesses who enjoy the strategic location between Washington D.C. and Baltimore Maryland.  It is not uncommon to find homes where one spouse works in  the city to the South and the other in the city to the North.

 Route 198 goes through Laurel, Maryland touching the counties of Montgomery, Prince Georges and Ann Arundel. 

 Bond Mill Elementary School is often citied for Academic Excellence.  Laurel has three elementary schools and one high school.  Laurel also is home to several private schools.