Holiday Time In Laurel MD

I remember when I was a young kid growing up in Rockville MD.  We would drive around with my parents and looking a Christmas lights on homes.  Just a string of lights on a tree or a gutter seemed so festive.  On occassion we would drive by a home that had colored lights on both the gutters and some of the trees. That was exciting.

Well, Christmas decorations in Laurel, MD. have come a long way since I was a kid.  I can not believe how many homes have  incredible Christmas decorations on them.  Some of these homes must have hired a professional decorater to do the outside lights of their homes.

Have you seen that great job on Bond Mill Rd just before 198?   These people do an incredible job every year.  Their yard is full of electric dears, trees, bushes and a tunnel leading to the front door.  It is really a great site.  Looks like a Winter Wonderland.  Keep driving on Bond Mill Rd, there is still more to see all the way to Riding Stable.

Make sure you drive down Montgomery Street into Historic Laurel.  The street is full of wonderful historic homes decorated beautifully.  You know there is some competition on that street.  And we all get to benefit from it.

The limits of my Blog prevent me from showing pictures, but pictures would not do these homes any justice.

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