Halloween Party For MLK Seventh Graders

This past Friday, October 30th there was a Halloween party for all seventh graders of Martin Luther King Middle School in Beltsville Md.

And it was at my house!

I wasn’t too worried when my daughter, who is in seventh grade at MLK in Beltsville Md, said she wanted to have a party the weekend of Halloween.   Didn’t pay much attention….I even thought she would forget about it.

But there she was shortly after that planning her party.  Invitations were printed up and distributed to the entire seventh grade at Martin Luther King Middle School.

Ok, so she was gonna have a party with some of her school friends.   Alright, so maybe ten to fifteen kids show up at my house, have a nice time and go home at a decent hour.

However, when I ask my daughter how many of her classmates she expects to show up at our home on Bounds Ave. in Laurel Maryland, she says without thinking, “Sixty”.

Sixty seventh graders in my house in Laurel?!!!

Then my mind starts to race.  It dawns on me that for seventh graders, my daughters party is the only thing to do on Friday.  They will come to my house…lots of them.

Now I am suddenly looking for parents to help.  I need bodies to help supervise.  I need adults to help reign in the crazy behavior of adolescent boys and girls.

Fortunately, My wife and I were able to secure about seven chaperons for the party.  My daughter and my wife were able to get food and decorations for the party.

The big night came and about 46 seventh graders were deliverd to my door on Bounds Ave in Laurel.   The party was set to end at 11:30 p.m.

I cooked some additional foods and supervised my back yard.  There were several play stations in the house.  About half the kids were outside the entire night.

Surprisingly, everything went great!!

The kids were wonderful.  They were full of energy.  They played football.  They played basketball.  They danced.  They roasted marshmallows.

It was just a night of good clean fun.

The last kids left around 12:30 a.m.

The party was a big success for my daughter and my wife.  I was very happy that everyone had a good time and no one got hurt.

This party was an indication that if you purchase Laurel real estate, you are going to have some great neighbors.