Green School In Maryland

Last Saturday, my daughter and I went to an open house at the new Vansville Elementary School in Beltsville MD.  This school is located five minutes from Laurel MD.   Anyone purchasing Laurel, Md. real estate, may have their children attend this school.

Vansville Elementary School in Beltsville, MD is a brand new Green school.  As you probably know, the term Green refers to environmentally friendly. 

As we drove up, we noticied many Green vendors out front.  The types of vendors included a Solar Panel Company;  clean water companies;  a couple of companies that will tell you were your house is losing energy and local Laurel MD vendor, Catrdidge World was there as well.   Many people were there, it was definitly a festive atmosphere.

As you look at the school you are struck by its very modern design.  The school’s appearence is dominated by the large central hallway with its huge windows.  When you enter the building you are surprised by all the natural light.  This light is provided by the numerous windows.  Vansville is set-up to have the sun hitting at least one part of the building all day.

You don’t smell the typical new paint smell when you enter the building.  Thats’ because the paint used on the building is environmentally friendly.  The paint on the walls has less gases in it than normal paint.  The tile floor you are walking on is made with recycled mirrors.  The floor also lacks the distinct newness smell because the glue to hold it down is also environmentally friendly.  The glue has less toxic gases in it.

The school has a geothermal system.  This is what heats and cools the school.  The piping for this system is buried under the parking lot and playgound.  This system eliminates the need for a boiler or cooling tank.  The geothermal system needs less room to operate, allowing more space for classrooms.

The school also has waterless urinals, dual flush toilets, and low flow faucets.  These items reduce the water usage in Vansville Elementary School by 40 percent compared with standard schools in Prince Georges County.

This is the eighth Green school in Prince Georges county.  More to come.


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