Great Sports Bar In Laurel, Maryland

One of the great advantages of purchasing Laurel, MD real estate is the numerous great restaurants in Laurel Maryland.

Recently, I ate at The Green Turtle at 14150 Baltimore Ave., Laurel MD 20707.   The Green Turtle is a sports bar.  As much as I like sports, I rarely get to sports bars.  If all sports bars are like the Green Turtle, then we sports fans in Laurel Maryland are in good shape.

The Green Turtle feels very open when you walk in the front door.  The first thing I noiticed when I was there was the numerous TVs all over the restaurant.  All these flat screen televisions everywhere.   They have a long sports bar and a seperate area for casual dining.  When you sit down, you have views of multiple televisions.  You could watch a couple of different sports events at the same time.

One thing  I thought was interesting, at some booths, you have your own television, right at the table with you.

The menu is varied.  Ofcourse, there are the standard various burgers, fries and sandwiches.  Some good healthy salads.  I actually got the Waldorf Salad and it was quite good.

The Green Turtle or “Turtle” as it is known around Laurel MD, also host various sports shows.  In the past, Maryland Terripan basketball coach Gary Williams has had his radio show broadcast from there.


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