Good Advice For Laurel Residents

I was reading the West Laurel list serve this morning and came across some good advice for all of us in Laurel.  Here it is in its entirety.

I found the following note from Richard Dengler, Montpelier Rep to the
Police Citizens Advisory Committee, very interesting. This note is from
late July and posted on the Montpelier list serve to remind the
residents (again) that we often create crimes of opportunity – and,
while we do not really live in a dangerous area, we can often make it
easy for people with poor intentions to take advantage of us:
July 21 and 23 was a busy time for our perps that didn’t get into 3 of
four attempts to get into our homes. The District 6 folks have 3 of the
possible 4 misguided youths under arrest and have increased the police
presence in the area. The first perp was apprehended (taken off the bus)
headed to Washington. I would like to pass on a comment made to me at
police station. While walking around the community the police patrols
noticed numerous garage doors open, exposing lots of stuff that could be
pawned, three expensive bicycles unattended in driveways, and 7 or 8
vehicles with open windows with various electronic gadgets lying on the
seats. Can you imagine the stories the perps that don’t get caught tell
their friends about our community. One of the perps that got caught was
by his friends that this community is easy pickens, candy land. When
will we

Let’s secure our community by taking away the obvious attractions, Keep
garage door closed and locked. Hide the electronics in your car, or take
them inside the house with you. Most of the B&E attempts happened
11:00AM and 1:00PM, so keep your eyes open so we can catch our unwelcome
visitors. Security is the job of the entire community.

The good news above is that the police were quick to apprehend the
culprits. However, i am guessing that they were youth and they probably
will be given very easy sentences that produce little consequence.

Tom on Straughn

Some great practical advice to us in West Laurel from our Montpelier neighbors.

The less honey available the less flys in the neighborhood.

I always try to take any electrical equipment in my house or leve it hidden in my car.  I always lock my doors as well.  Fortunaetley, my car has not been broken into or had something taken from it.


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