Fun Times On Main Street In Laurel, MD.

If you own Laurel, Md.real estate, you already know about the great sense of community we have here.  Today and tonite is another example of that community spirit.  First, today at around noon, the Bond Mill Elementary School in Laurel MD will have its annual Holloween Walk up Sherwood Ave.  All the students and many of the teachers will parade up and down Sherwood Ave to the delight of parents and other members of the community.

Then tonite, between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. is the annual Trick Or Treat Walk on Main Street in Laurel MD.  Most businesses and even some churches will be handing out candy to children tonite who are in costume. This event draws a big crowd and is a lot of fun.  Parents like it because it is safe and local.  Many businesses see it as way to participate in the community and it provides some free advertising.


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