Freshman at Pallotti In Laurel Maryland Get Tablet PCs

According to the Laurel Leader,  freshman at St. Vincent Pallotti in Laurel Maryland will be getting tablet PCs when they begin school.  A tablet PC allows a student to type and write in information.

All incoming freshman will receive the equipment as part of their technology fee.  The tablet PCs will become the students property.

This has been a good year for Pallotti students.  First the formerly dormat lacross team wins a title and now freshman get state-of-the-art equipment.

Now all teachers and eventually all students at Saint Vincent Pallotti in Laurel will have the tablet PCs.  The equipment will allow students greater access to assignments and resources at the school.  Teahcers will be able to obtain the students work right from the personal computer.  Both students and teachers will now be more tech savy as a result of the move.

Apparently, one of the reasons Pallotti is able to make this move is because the cost has come down, making the PCs more affordable.  Saint Vincent Pallotti in Laurel Maryland continues to be on the cutting edge.


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