Flags At Laurel Lakes To Honor Laurel Veterans

The past couple of days I have driven by Laurel Lakes, I noticied an impressive display of flags near the water.  I thought they looked great, but I wondered what the reason was for the display.

Well, leave it up to the West Laurel MD list serve to cue me in:

This weekend, the American Legion Auxiliary Laurel Unit 60 in conjuction with the City of Laurel, will have a display of American flags at Laurel Lakes. This display will honor those who serve in the armed forces from the Laurel area, veterans past and present, and the police, fire and rescue personnel who make our city safe.

The display will consist of approximaelty 30 flags on 8 foot staffs mounted at Laurel Lake. The flags will remain posted for the entire weekend.

On Saturday June 13th at 7:00pm, there will be a short program culminating with the Ceremonial Disposal of Unusable Flags with full honors. Hope to see you there!

Isn’t this great!  I think it is wonderful the City of Laurel Maryland is participating in this.  My dad served in World War II and my brother is an ex-marine.  I am very proud of the brave men and women who have served in the armed services.  They need to be honored on a consistent basis.

The flag display also serves to recognize firemen, policemen and rescue personel.  All are very deserving.

This display is another great thing about living in Laurel Maryland.  I like that my city feels it is important enough to make sure these veterans get recognized.


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