First Time Home Buyer Programs

There are still programs in Laurel, Md. real estate for the first time home buyer.  You may have recalled from earlier post the programs that are available for first time home buyers in Maryland.  Despite this current financial crunch, those programs are still available.  The Maryland CDA program, which offers first time home buyers in Maryland a lower interest rate and better overall terms on a loan, is still available.  In fact, the CDA loan allows for 100% financing to anyone with a middle credit score of 660 or higher.  That is as of today.  Montgomery County Maryland still offers the HOC loan.  This loan again has great terms for first time home buyers in Montgomery County Maryland.  The HOC loan will even provide a small loan with a low interest rate for your down payment.

In addition, I have been contacted by some banks recently with programs for people who don’t have much cash, but have decent credit.  Remember, banks don’t make money unless they lend it to you.

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